Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Release-Mirabilia

Mirabilia is one of my favorite lines of patterns and Nora sure did not disappoint this month with the new release. She is called Lady of Mystery and I can't wait to stitch her.
Her face is gorgeous and the detail in the dress and border is so pretty.

Leslie at Under the Sea Fabrics is offering the pattern for 15.50, the bead pack for 12.50 and the specialty threads for 13.60. If you order from her by August 20, you will receive 20% off your total.


Happy Tuesday! It is a true August day here already, very humid and hot. I hope where you are it is better weather today. I am so ready for fall.

I had a few items that I ordered get delivered and then a great find from a friend.

I ordered some specialty thread for a pattern on 123Stitch and they had this on sale for $6 so I couldn't pass it up.

The Seasonal Fairies Book-Teresa Wentzler I found this on ebay for a great deal.

A stitcher on the 123Stitch board had posted that she had several Paula Vaughn patterns and books and all she wanted was to be paid for the shipping charges. I am so excited to get this Quilts of the Bible book.

Cross stitch friends are the best friends to have! I have a friend that is local and she is a big yard sale shopper and several years ago she came across someone selling cross stitch at a yard sale. She was able to get many patterns, with a good amount of them fully kitted or just with fabric or beads. I ran into her last week and she said that she doesn't stitch anymore since she took up quilting and had a couple of bags of things that I could look through and see if I wanted them. Most of these have fabric and beads with them. Of course, I wanted to look and this is what I found. All of this for only $40!!!!!

And for the grand finale!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Stitching

I must say Monday morning came too quickly for me today. I am having some coffee as I write this in hopes that it will kick me into gear for the day. It is starting to rain a bit and just makes me want to stay in bed. I hope that everyone had a great weekend filled with lots of stitching.

I didn't work on Henry VIII-HAED at all this past week but I will get back to him this week with my allotted one hour a day. I have missed him and although the point I am at right now is all part of the background, I want to stitch away so I can get to the good stuff and start to see Henry appear.

Florin-Ink Circles

A friend kitted this up for me and gifted to me and the thread she chose was not what was called for but it is gorgeous. One of the threads is a variegated with blue, purples and white mixed. You will be able to see that one in the picture.

Let Freedom Ring-Lila's Studio

I had been waiting on the specialty thread on this project and it came in so I was able to make some good progress.

Laura Plantation-Leslie Wristers

I had been waiting on the specialty thread for this project as well, and it came this week. I think this project will be so pretty when completed. The picture just does not show how nice it looks stitched.

New England Schoolgirl Sampler-Theron Traditions

I am in love with this project.

I only received the specialty threads this week for the two projects that I worked on. I do have a little bit of haul coming and will post that as soon as it is delivered.
I am still contemplating my rotation and how many wips I have and making it all work to get some finishes. So, this week, my question to you is, how many wips do you currently have?

Friday, August 11, 2017

World Cross Stitch Day

Happy World Cross Stitch Day!!! I hope you all make a purchase of something stitch related and then get lots of stitching time. I did make a purchase today and after work, I plan on stitching well into the night and possibly early morning hours. What are your stitch plans for today?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I just realized that this blog will be one year old on August 26! It doesn't seem like it has already been a year but I guess when you are having fun posting about stitching, stash, flosstube, and anything stitch related, you just don't realize how quickly time has passed. So, I think that there needs to be some kind of celebration and by celebration, I mean a giveaway!

I am giving away a $25 gift certificate to 123Stitch! The winner will be chosen on August 26 and you must be a follower of the blog to win. Please comment below with your favorite designer.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I had a couple of things come in the mail yesterday so I thought I would go ahead and share them.

Luce Mia by Mirabilia with the bead pack and some needles

July Fabric of the Month from Under the Sea Fabrics-This fabric is gorgeous! If you aren't buying fabric from Leslie, you should go check her out.

Love Child

Monday, August 7, 2017

Flosstube Feature-Yany Stitcher

I haven't featured someone on flosstube in awhile and I need to start doing that more often. A friend suggested this stitcher to me and I watched all of her videos over the weekend. I think she is so cute and her stitching is gorgeous. Mirabilia, Chatelaines, Lavender and Lace seem to be her favorites, as are mine. However, she is also entertaining and shows the area she lives. in. I think you should all go check her out as I think you will add her to your regular watch list. I am putting her first video here so you can get started.